Thoughts on All Souls Day November 2, 2018

Today is a great day to become familiar with the awe-inspiring prayer Dies Irae.  This prayer hymn is not for the faint of heart as it speaks of the Day of Reckoning.  It has inspired countless great composers including Berlioz, Mozart, Verdi, and Rachmaninoff among others not to mention its place in popular contemporary suspenseful movies which seek to scare you to death.  Are you familiar with the Requiems?  I am learning about such beauty.  On a more prosaic level, well do I remember my senior year at the university my neighbor in the single across the hall had a skull in his room as any traditional Catholic might to be mindful of the moment of death.  And how we are to behave in the here and now.  I am speaking of Mark Torlone of Huntington, West Virginia fame who aspired to be a Latin teacher in a Catholic school in Cincinnati.  He was funny.  He liked to sing “She is a mixed vegetable” instead of “so respectable.”  I think also this prayer is a good one for any person who judges as not before long we will all be facing our Judge.  I am always inspired by great music and prayer which elevates the spirit and puts everything into perspective.


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